16 April 2009

I am jealous of my Mom!

My elder daughter, Werney is the eldest grandchild in my family. Since birth, my mom has been taking care of her, when both my DH and myself were at work.

The bond between them has been really strong and undeniably, my daughter will choose my mom over anyone else!

This incident happen yesterday. As usual, I will fetch my daughters (Werney & Anney) home from my mom's house after dinner. And in the car yesterday....

Werney: Mom, I forgot to say goodbye to Po Po ("Grandma") [in rather sad tone]

Me: I thought I heard Po Po said goodbye to you?

Werney: No, I didn't hear that

Me: It is okay, you will see Po Po again tomorrow morning

Werney: But I really want to say goodbye to her....I really missed her [already in teary eye] {we just left my mom's house 5 minutes ago!}

Me: Okay, okay, we call Po Po now and you can say goodbye to her

Me trying to dial the phone and put on the speaker mode. After the short exchange of conversations between my daughter and my mom, we reached home.

Werney was in teary eye when we got down the car and insisted that we should go back to grandma house so that she could say goodbye, kiss & hug (me scratching head already!). Thanks God, we stay 5 minutes drive away from my mom's house. Reluctantly, I send her back to my mom's house so that she could exchange her goodbye and we have a happy, smiling kid again.

Mom, I am really jealous of you.

But then again, I am really grateful for all the love you have showered me and my daughters. Without you, I would definitely be so lost!

Mom, I wish you an early Happy Mother Day! And Good Health to you!


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