22 April 2009

Dad is hospitalised!

Yesterday was really an eventful day.

At 10am, I got a call my Sis#4 informing me that Dad wanted to go to a Specialist. Dad has been complaining about sore throat, followed by pain when chewing foods, no appetite, swollen & numb face on his right side and yesterday, he was complaining that his right eye was painful when he blinked his eyes. Dad is also losing his voice.

The first think that came to my mind is....which Specialist? Do I bring him to a Neurologist? ENT? or whatever initial there is! Dad has visited 2 GP so far and was given 2 course of antibiotic and yet, his condition has not improved.

So after some checking over the world wide web etc, we decided to send him to ENT since his first illness was sore throat. Then it was followed by frantic calls to ENT specialist clinic and hospital to decide which Dr. is available immediately.

We found a Specialist on duty at a nearby hospital and were told that dad has pus in this throat. How did a harmless sore throat become so infected that it has pus in it? An immediate surgery is required to remove the pus and Dad need to be hospitalised for observation after the surgery due to Dad's age and medical condition.

The Dr. has to cut a small area around the throat (inside) to remove the pus with local anaesthetic. The pus has became so thick that when the Dr. try to drain it, it was already hardened (no longer in liquid form)....I know it sound yucky right!

Dad is now on antibiotic drip and after the surgery, he seem to be so much better. He is still in the hospital and not sure whether he could be discharged today or not.

Hopefully, Dad will get well soon.


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