24 April 2009

Anney's 1 year old birthday @ 9 March

-Backdated post-

We celebrated Anney's birthday at home and it was also because we wanted to do a 2-in-1, housewarming party and birthday do. We had just moved into our cozy 2-storeys house in Jan 2009, right before Chinese New Year.

As we had expected about 100 guests including 30 children, I have ordered food from a local catering company as there is no way I could cook for so many. However, I did prepared some honey grilled chicken drumstick, sausages, marshmallow, nuggets and plenty of sweets for the children.

Cooking from yours truly.....

Cupcakes from Tracey @ www.specialcakes.net

Mickey birthday cake from Tracey too!

We also have Stanley from Stanley Event Management to entertain the children. It was really entertaining seeing all the magic tricks and games and I feel like a child myself. Stanley even have a real bird for the magic show and all the children go "wow"!

Stanley busy entertaining the kids

Li Young helping Stanley with the clown make-up

See how excited were the kids!

Birthday girl, Anney receiving the Best Personality Award from Stanley

Werney enjoying herself

Joey & Jessica with mommy Dina

One of the twin - Jade Shin or Thong Shin? I can't tell

Little Wen Kate

Little Bryan



Pressie from all the generous Aunties & Uncles! Thanks!

Overall it was great fun but a little tiring for my little Anney. I think she was overwhelmed with all the guests we have that night.

Happy Birthday Anney with lots of love from Daddy, Mommy & Big Sister, Werney!

Special thanks to Eddie Lee for helping us to snap some of the gorgeous moments above!


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