12 November 2009

Werney's 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated Werney's 5th Birthday at McDonalds @ Bandar Utama Drive Thru' early this month. It was a belated birthday party due to Werney and Anney's hospitalisation in mid-October 2009. The doctor has advised that both need to stay away from crowd for at least 10 days post-hospitalisation to avoid a recurrence or transmitting the virus to others.

Well, I was too busy (or maybe to lazy?) to plan any party and took the easy way out of calling McDonalds. McDonalds BU has a dedicated personnel in charge of planning and organising birthday party for kids. It fact, it was quite interesting as the theme is Arty & Crafty Birthday Party. I ordered the Happy Meals for the kids and the McValue Meal for adults. We have about 30 adults and 15 kids in total, comprising mainly family members and some closed friends. Werney also invited a few of her school mates for the party.

The birthday cake was from Tracey at www.specialcakes.net. This year, I got Werney a Barbie Mermaid cake and she was crazy over it. I also ordered some helium balloons for the kids and a big princess balloon for Werney.

Everyone at the party had a great time and the best part was - no cleaning work for mommy after the party! Anney was crazy over the slides at McDonalds and had easily done 40 rounds of going up and down the slides! Yeah, this is my super active baby.

Werney also received a princess pencil case from Barbara & Ashley earlier during our weekly Yamaha JMC class. What a small world right? I got to know Barbara from the Yamaha class and she was the one that told me she recognised Werney from our first lesson at Yamaha. Thanks Barbara & Ashley for the lovely pencil case. Werney loves all things princess and Barbie now.


michelle@mybabybay said...

Happy Birthday to Werney! She looks pretty in tat skirt!

2ma said...

Happy Birthday Werney!!! She look so pretty in her pink tutu!!! And her cake is super nice too

Blog's author said...

Thanks. Got the Petite Skirt from Fabulous.com

Annie Q said...

Nice birthday cake and the birthday girl look so lovely!

Happy birthday Werney.

mommy to chumsy said...

Oh what a great celebration :D Wearney looked so pretty like a princess. I'm glad she likes the pencil case :D Oh, and the cake is just superb..too lovely to eat :D

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