10 November 2009

The Sun Motor Hunt 2009 - did we had fun?

Of course the answer is YES plus a few "arguments" of whether to turn left or turn right. There were also a few incidents where the driver asked the navigator what is the next tulip, after that, then.....asking like 5 tulips ahead! *Scratch head*!

Overall, it was a tiring day (have to wake up at 5 am on a Sunday morning) but a fruitful & fun day. We secured a place at 91th (with a score of 72 points), over a total of 292 cars! Phew....it was that many cars for this year hunt! This is our first public hunt and I think we did okay for a first timer. What did we got from the hunt?............. 4 Samsung DVD players!!! Thank you Samsung! Well, the sponsors were really generous and each winning team walked home with 4 items - no need to share and each participant got one prize!

The hunt was dividend into the following:-

Leg 1 - Part 1 (10 questions)
Leg 1 - Part 2 (10 questions)
Leg 2 - 16 questions
4 treasures questions

We did not do well in Leg 1 & 2 but we managed to get 3 out of the 4 treasures requested by the organiser. We didn't manage to get the last treasure, which is a Milo canned drink with the word Grab & Go printed on the can. When I told Werney about it, her reply was "Milo only, so easy, I know the answer?!" (I bet she was also thinking why mommy so silly one, so easy also don't know).

Anyway, this round we managed to keep our time within the stipulated 6 hours, with 3 extra minutes to spare! We also managed to squeeze in 10 minutes for McDonalds' lunch to charge our laptop battery! Well, lunch is provided free by McDonalds as one of the main sponsor!

Just hope we could do better next year - the prizes for the top ten team ranges from 40' LCD TV, home theatre system to digital cameras! So attractive, right?

Some pictures from the hunt to share......

Cars being flag off by Organisers & Sponsors

Our team number

Sis busy looking through the questions

Our answer sheets - all scribbled up!

Prizes for the winners

Prize no. 91

Our prizes


Cynthia said...

oh.. congratulation on the win! and a nice game ya.. ;D

Moon Loh said...

wah! so much fun! :)

2ma said...

wahhhh....so many prizes!!!

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