07 November 2009

The Sun Motor Treasure Hunt 2009

Sis#2, BIL, DH and myself will be on the road again this Sunday for The Sun Motor Hunt 2009. Known to be the mother of all hunts (in Malaysia), the treasure hunt has proven its popularity again. There are a total of 250 cars for the treasure hunt and it is our first time joining the Sun Motor Treasure Hunt.

I doubt we will win anything this round cause there are really a lot of professional treasure hunters out there. Luckily they have two categories - Master and Open category. For amateurs like us, of course we will be placed in the Open Category.

What attracted us to the Sun Motor Treasure Hunt? The fee for the hunt is definitely not cheap, it is RM400 per car for a day hunt. Well, to be honest, we are hoping to win some of the lucky draw prizes sponsored by Samsung (shh....Samsung has sponsored prizes worth RM200,000 for this year hunt!). Isn't that attractive?

In addition to that, we also received 4 goodies bag containing goodies from various sponsors (from Nescafe to cloth softener) and RM50 petrol voucher from Petronas.

Just hope we will not turn up to be the last car for the hunt!!


michelle@mybabybay said...

All the best and hope you win something.

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