11 December 2009

Disney costume contest

Sorry for the lack of posts recently as I was pretty busy with work and both princesses were down with fever, flu & cough again. It seems that every time one fell sick, another one will follow. Thanks God, both has recovered now.

Do you remember the yearly Disney on Ice show? It is usually organised by PR Worldwide. This year, they have a Disney costume contest and I have signed Werney up for that. Tomorrow will be the qualifying round.

If you have time to drop by, do come to One-Utama at 2pm to support Werney.

Will not reveal what she will be wearing yet but it is not one of those princess!

I have created her costume from bit and pieces and hopefully I have got it right. The only headache I have now is whether Werney will change her mind and refuse to go on stage! Let keep my finger crossed.


michelle@mybabybay said...

All the best. Hope your effort is worth it.

mommy to chumsy said...

hey, i was there on sunday and saw many kids wearing costumes on stage. I couldn't look clearly as there were too many ppl. So, is Wearney in?

Hui-Wearn said...

i saw Wearney in the Star today! INCREDIBLE! did she win?

2ma said...

i saw your FB update. werney is so brave!

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